What  are friends….?

A true friend. A person you trust unconditionally. But is that actually real? Iv had plenty of friends. I trust a few. And not unconditionally. Maybe its the words they speak abot others. Do they say these things about me? Who will ever know. Better to have 4 quarters as opposed to 100 pennies. Today was a “who do I really trust” kind of day. Because I dont know anymore. The picture I posted is of myself and a dear friend iv know for 10 years now. He has never let me down. Always been there. He is a trooper dealing with me. ❤ much love for you.


The dark table

Restuarant name: The Dark Table

Location: West 4th, Vancouver. BC

About: Guided in the dark to your table. The starter and dessert are both surprises. Main course is chosen or can also be a suprise. (I chose suprise). No cell phones. No light. Just complete darkness. Accompanied through the dinner by a visually empaired server. 

My thoughts: I went with some close friends (we are the typical Boston Pizza kind of people, i know….lame) and we did not have any idea of what it would be like. Once placed in darkness, its almost awkward. You dont know if you should talk… I kept looking around. Waiting for someone to turn on a light. Which didnt happen. The drinks came shortly after along with a unknown starter. When you dont know what is placed in front of you, its almost scary. I personally couldnt even get the food on the fork. But after you settle in, its a truly amazing experience. Thr main course came and after was dessert.the food was spectacular. I wish I knew what it looked like. It was a night for the books. We all enjoyed ourselves. Had a few laughs. Learned that checking our phone every 30 seconds is 30 seconds less I have on this earth, losing those moments with my people. 

Today I learned how blessed I am to have my vision. To see every little thing around me. Being there made me realize how lucky I am, how I almost take for granted what I see around me. Some people arn’t as lucky. I could not imagine what individuals go through each day without sight. The food was filled with flavour, which I was told your other senses are heightened once you lose one. I could taste everything very vividly but couldnt figure out what it was. If you every get the chance, just go. Seriously, I have zero regrets. Once I left the restaurant, I looked around outside. Saw every little thing. The street lights. The people. The cars driving impatiently. The half butt cigarette crushed on the ground. When i say every little thing, I mean it. Sight is a blessing I hope no one ever loses. We live in a beautiful world. I dont ever want to miss a thing that passes me.

Look at your loved ones and remember that face. Goodnight world. 

Is it really a Winter wonderland? 

As I look out my window and wonder why the hell its still January, I realized why do I want to rush my days. Like obviously summer is the best. Its sunny and warm and camping is fun I guess. But once its summer IL just complain that its not winter because its so cool and crisp. Winter is the pretty season, cold…. but pretty. I was told its supposed to snow again this week. NOT COOL WINTER. Anyways I wanted to post some photos I took when I went into the bush a few weeks ago. It makes me hate this weather a little less. How could you hate winter when this is what you see?! I’m still going to complain regardless. For anyone whose actually reading this, I am going to be uploading so pretty pictures in the next few days. Stay tuned.